About Us

There is always a need to grow your Twitch account if you are serious about it. You can’t do it alone.
You need an influencer agency to do that for you. This is where EaTrotle comes in.
We are experts in promoting your video or profile for fans or viewers.
There is no better service out there that beats our tactics. We have helped lots of channel owners to be noticed on the network without issues.

We don’t use bots or any illegal means to offer our service. Our tactics are quite amazing and will skyrocket your account in no time.
We connect with top social media users, who share your id or link on their profile. This, in turn, gets you, real human viewers and followers.
It is safer than any method you might see on the internet. It is cost-effective too.

You don’t need to spend so much for us to start working with you. Just check our services, pick the one you like and its price, then pay.
We will assign one of our experts, who will start your campaign and deliver an amazing result.

EaTrotle is not owned by Twitch or affiliated to it. This is a brand of its own that sells high-quality services. You can use us anytime you are ready to become a well-known user on the network.

Remember, you don’t need to spend a lot before you can become noticed. We will help you to accomplish whatever goal you have set. Just make sure you are ready to manage the massive audience we will send to you.

For questions or messages, use our contact form or chat with us. An agent will respond.

You will certainly become popular with us. Don’t wait any longer. Order today and smile later.